Every Wednesday from 6pm to 6.30pm.

The vision of the Laneway Community Meal is to extend kindness to the Bathurst community.

Now more than ever, our local community and individuals are facing increasing challenges such as the cost of living, loneliness, and employment pressures. We aim to extend practical kindness to anyone in Bathurst, by providing a free weekly meal every Wednesday evening, until the end of 2024.  

We are simply a group of volunteers who happen to attend C3.  There is no outside sponsorship, or personal data collection. We are unable to financially assist individuals or offer personal counselling, but if you have a specific need, we would be glad to introduce you to a community or government agency better equipped to help you. 

The Laneway Community Meal is a place to connect, feel safe,  grab some dinner (families invited too), and chat to a listening ear if you would like.   

Please feel WELCOME.